Self-Care Planner

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The Self-Care Planner helps you prioritize the tasks that you want to complete to take better care of yourself. In today’s world most people are always pouring into others and rarely take the time for themselves. I created this planner so you can plan out time to focus on you. Self-Care is not selfish, nor is it a luxury, it is a necessity. You must take care of yourself.

I created this planner to help you schedule and plan your wellbeing with mental check-ins, self-care plans and goals.

This planner includes: 

Get to Know Yourself Templates (4), Mental Health Templates (4), and Self Care Templates (8).

Specifically I give you 2 – 31 day calendars with Self Care Activities to complete daily for the mind, body, soul, and the skin.

Are you ready to start taking better care of yourself? Then download your copy today in this instant download.