Skin Goals Beauty Course

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Get ready to get the clear, gorgeous skin you have always dreamed about!

Learn about your skin type, different skin conditions, concerns and disorders and how to treat each. It is all broken down step by step how to get true glowing skin.

Chapter One: Skin Types

  Module One: What are Skin Types?

  Module Two: Dry Skin

  Module Three: Normal to Combination Skin

  Module Four: Oily Skin

  Resources: Skincare Guide & Skin Type Questionnaire

Chapter Two: Skin Conditions, Concerns, and Disorders

  Module One: What are Skin Conditions, Concerns and Disorders?

  Module Two: Acne

  Module Three: How to Treat Skin Conditions, Concerns and Disorders?

  Resources: Acne Workbook

Chapter Three: Developing a Skincare Routine

  Module One: Skin Goals

  Module Two: Skincare Routines

  Module Three: Targeting Skin Issues

Chapter Four: Detox the Body and the Skin

  Module One: What is a Skin Detox

  Module Two: Tips to Detox

  Resources: Juice Recipe Book

Chapter Five: Replenish and Rebuild the Skin

  Module One: Glowing Boosting foods

  Module Two: Skincare Applications

  Module Three: Advanced Skincare Applications