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Luxury Skin Care

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Signature Glow Facial

Welcome to J Fields Co

We have a passion for beauty. We invite you to indulge in our luxury spa treatments such as facials, body treatments, and precision body waxing. We are located at 4665 Southwest Fwy, Suite 201 in Houston, Texas.

Our luxury skincare products are made with medical grade ingredients to positively improve the skin and help you reach your skin goals. We do not just sell products: we are using our products every single day!

We encourage you to pause your everyday life and pamper yourself with some Self Care. Our approach at the spa is holistic and aromatherapeutic. Our goal is to help you reach your
skin goals while looking and feeling your best.


The Whipped Body Butter makes your hands super soft!



The Hydrating Rose Cleanser is so gentle. I am so happy I found a product that cleanses my sensitive skin.



OMG! My feet (specifically my heels and side of my big toe) were rough and just in bad shape. From what I have read, it takes a few days for the peeling to start and goes for approximately 2 weeks. I soaked my feet every night in warm water and they started peeling the next day and it was done within a week! My feet are SO soft, SO smooth.


Clarifying Charcoal Gel Facial Cleanser

Our Charcoal Cleanser is a deep pore facial cleanser made just for oily and acne prone skin. It is a facial wash that helps reduce the look of pores as it deeply cleanses and refines your complexion. The ingredients in this cleanser are meant to assist with controlling the excess oil on the skin without drying the skin out.